Bocca al Lupo (UK/DE)

Kathy Alberici is an experimental violinist with a love for analogue electronics and deep listening.

Borusiade (RO)

DJ of Bucharest-Berlin axis playing poignant bass lines, obsessive themes melting genres of dark disco, raw house with a touch of acid.

Burning Star Core (US)

New York based and DroneDisco founder C. Spencer Yeh's more noise and techno oriented project.

C. Spencer Yeh (US)

Experimental noise on violin, voice and electronics.

Candie Hank (DE)aka Patric Catani

Patric Catani's digital world dance music.

CM von Hausswolff (SWE)

Legendary and controversial electronic composer, sound and visual artist from Stockholm.

Dean Blunt (UK)

Bizarre pop hybrid with live sax and guitar from performing artist of Hype Williams fame.

DJ Nigga Fox (PT)

Acid and techno with Congolese and angolan polyrhytmic dance music roots.

Dorota (HU)

Genre bending jamming trio with guitar, bass, drums and effects.

Faun Racket (EST)

Electronic pop duo from Estonia.

Floris Vanhoof &
Karen Cosemans (BE)

Live stereo music with a modular synthesizer and analogue projections.

Goodiepal (FO/DK)

Scientific and fantastic computermusic from the outsider genius of Faroe Islands.

Helena Hauff (DE)

Raw acid and techno with the touch of plastic EBM and New Beat from Hamburg's most relevant new dj-producer.

Hodgkinson/Kobi/Sőrés (UK/CH/HU)

Improvisation trio of Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet), Christian Kobi (saxofon) and Zsolt Sőrés (viola, electronics, voice).

Iancu Dumitrescu (RO/INT)with Ana-Maria Avram & friends

Iconic figure of contemporary avantgarde plays with his orchestra of Ana-Maria Avram and friends

Jacob Kirkegaard (DK)

The Danish sound composer will present his Aion project about Tschernobyl.

James Hoff (US)

808 drummachine patterns infected live by a digital computer virus.

Kokum (HU)

Hungarian outsider noise electronics producer presents his new album Impressions of Environment coming out on Baba Vanga.

L’ocelle Mare (FR)

Abstract, still poetic music with electroacoustic instruments, human voice and electronics from Thomas Bonvalet.

Low Jack (FR)

Head-banging techno covering the spectrum from slow-mo to ultrafast creating the link between tribal sounds and industrial music.

Nagy Ákos & Baráth Bálint (HU)

Experimental electronic music with scientific attitude in search of the nature of music.

Nagy Gergő (HU)

The solo live performance of makrohang's guitarist.

Ñaka Ñaka (MEX)

Visceral, sinister and noisy techno from Mexico.

NHK’Koyxen (JP)

Pulsating and excentric body music from Japan.

Omymax (HU)

Laptop electronica from the young and talented Takács Borza Ákos.

Philipp Quehenberger (AT)

Outsider synth musician playing unpredictable things from disco to noise and techno.

Phill Niblock (US)Phill Niblock with Hilary Jeffery, Christian Kobi, Juho Laitinen & Thomas Ankersmit

Melody, rhythym and bullshit-free drone by one of the most important artist in the genre.

Pierce Warnecke &
Matthew Biederman (US/CAN)

Slowly unfolding electronics meet captivating live projections.

Rabih Beaini (DE)

Berlin based Libanese producer of Morphosis fame deconstructs his own dance music alterego into improvised modular electronics.

Rashad Becker (DE)

Precisely placed sounds create a carefully composed chaos from Berlin's legendary mastering engineer.

Silf (HU)

Live hardware acid house from the two founders of Farbwechsel label.

Somló Dávid (HU)

Guitarist of jam trio Dorota presents the project called Length of a Distance at three different sites of the city.


15:15-15:45 Bulcsú utca tunnel
16:30-17:00 Blaha Lujza tér underpass
17:30-18:00 Ferenc körút underpass

Stanislav Abrahám (CZ)

Touching silence and fragile noise from Czech Republic.

Thomas Ankersmit (NL)

Hallucinogenic acoustic phenomena played on a Serge modular.

TM404 (SWE)

In his latest project, Andreas Tilliander uses the classic Roland synths and drum machines to create complex patterns while managing to resist the conventions of acid house.

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu (HU)

The duo of soundpoet Kinga Tóth and noise artist Reisebüro86.

Új Bála (HU)

Intuitive techno noise with rock dinamics from the singer of the Der Tanz trio.

Valerio Tricoli (IT)

Fragile ambient electronics, visceral noise, field recordings and sound compositions on tape and Revox.

We Will Fail (PL)

Dub-influenced slow noisetechno from Polish Aleksandra Grünholz.

Yves De Mey (BE)

Threatening soundscapes and sinister beats for clubs.

Zovek (HU)

Budapest based DJ and radio host in search of cutting edge dance music.