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Ultrahang Festival

Ultrahang Festival is organised by the Ultrahang Foundation. Founded in 2000 and working solely with volunteers, our foundation's mission is to get closer to those musical centres which define today's music.

Since 2001, we have been organising much-needed and long-awaited festivals that reach beyond genres. In the beginning, we cooperated with Xperipheria (now defunct), and kept our fingers crossed for others such as Nagyfül (Big Ear) and Szünetjel hoping they could go on.

We started out with concerts and musical evenings with a line-up of several musicians. Since 2003, these events have grown into a four- or five-day-long international festival, while we have also organised several concerts between the festivals. So far, we have invited almost 250 performers from more than 30 countries to Hungary.

Here is a collection of our events.

Our most memorable concerts up until now: Antony, Bohren and the Club of Gore, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Vladislav Delay, Venetian Snares, Pan Sonic, Akron/Family, Angels of Light, A Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band, Phill Niblock, Z’ev, Tujiko Noriko, DJ/Rupture, Stephan Mathieu, Dälek, Pan American, Khan, Kevin Blechdom, Institut Für Feinmotorik, Radian, FM3, Kemialliset Ystävät, Marcus Schmickler, Patrick Pulsinger, Xiu Xiu, Pándi/Keszei/Halmos/Prell.

events in 2010

We are celebrating the 10th birthday of our foundation with a new festival on 6-10 of October.

We will bring 40+ performers from 20 countries and give you music from the afternoon until the next morning.

There will be rigour, there will be seriousness, there will be playfulness, there will be ecstasy, there will be guitars and drums, there will be DJs for the mind and DJs for the body.

The venue is Merlin. We will do our best to create near-perfect conditions so that as many people as possible can listen to this music marathon. Concerts start at 4:30pm in the small room. At 8pm, concerts begin in the big room and continue until midnight, with parties afterwards. To read about some people who managed to carry all this out before, click here:

If you want to know how exciting music is today, take some days off and move in to Merlin!


Ultrahang Foundation
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