| Alo Allik

03.22 Thursday, 16:00-20:00

Merlin (small hall)
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.

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Alo Allik
Alo Allik

Alo Allik is a sound artist and producer who has been actively involved in a number of music scenes internationally since the early 1990ies. His output as a dj, composer and performer over the years has evolved through drum and bass, electronica, deep house, and more obscure subgenres of electronic dance music to miniature forms and expressions in computerised audio and spatio-rhtyhmic electroacoustic music. For a long time, he has explored the cognitively and conceptually uneasy aera between the ritualistic, entertaining, and intellectual worlds of musical expression. From the early days of Estonian indie rock scene, the drum and bass clubs of the Pacific Northwest to digital art communities in the Netherlands and New York, Alo has been seeking out and trying to dissolve artificial boundaries and restrictions that become established through natural evolution of cultural practices. He is currently in a habit of solo laptop performances mingled with activities as a member of the multimedia collective ibitsu with Satoshi Shiraishi and Yota Morimoto. At the Ultrahang festival Alo will be performing a solo live laptop set and faciltiating a SuperCollider workshop as part of the Share symposium.

You can access a selection of his works at www.tehis.net under the "bewilder" section.