| Novi_sad

03.25 Sunday, 16:00-20:00

Merlin (small hall)
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.

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Novi_sad (b. 1980) lives and works in Athens, Greece. Influenced by the pioneers of audio assault, he began generating sounds in 2005. Amplified environmental recordings, drone manipulations, structured ambient soundscapes, microtones vs overtones, all form a hyper structure of iconoclastic form. Novi_sad's sonic power operates on a level in which the audience participates as transcendental listeners. The audience/receiver closes his/her eyes to hear sounds, sounds that explode from sonic movement and lead to the appearance of instantaneous images as experienced and created by each member of the audience, by each receiver. His first record "misguided heart pulses, a hammer, she, and the clock" has just been released by the independent label 1000+1 TiLt.