| Lance Blisters

03.21 Wednesday, 21:00-24:00

Merlin (big hall)
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.

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Lance Blisters
Lance Blisters

LIVE Jungle, Breakcore, Punk, and Noise performed with MIDI Guitar and Microphone, using custom software to create cutup political anthems. LIVE synchronized visual transcriptions of the songs' subjects. LANCE BLISTERS was initiated in 2003 to SMASH THE STATE with a show which will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF! LANCE has left America on a global tour for true freedom. LANCE BLISTERS is a live multimedia band currently comprising Geoff Matters (music/vox) and Ilan Katin (visuals) with Dan Winckler (visual performance). Separately and together, they have played hundreds of shows in NYC and Europe over the last 6 years.

Geoff Matters, music/vox: For a decade Geoff Matter has used his software "GDAM" with homemade and repurposed physical controllers in live and interactive music performances, innovating in the areas of live editing and remixing, digital scratching and beat juggling, live vocal scratching, and media performance. His interests include software interfaces, adopting techniques from pop music production into computer algorithms suitable for spontaneous use, and reflecting/subverting vinyl DJ techniques. As a founder of "Share" forum and open jam for AV artists, he helps provide a weekly opportunity to explore developments in live, collaborative, and experimental art, as well as a venue for performances by local and touring artists. Geoff has performed, given presentations and workshops on Share, collaborative art, and GDAM at clubs parties and festivals in the US and Europe. Geoff composed and performed music and video for dance pieces including mech[a] (2003) deadmandancing EXCESS (2004) Live Processing (2006) and Dance Without Bodies (2006).

Ilan Katin, illustrator and visual composer, is an artist specializing in drawings, live video performance and animation. His art work has been published in a variety of print and online publications. His video performances include numerous collaborations and locations in the United Sates and Europe. For the past decade Ilan Katin has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including programming, graphic design, illustration, comics, animation and broadcast design. His illustrations, logos and character designs have been featured in a variety of online and print publications. As a video performance artist Ilan has provided visual support for a variety of musicians including o.blaat, Lance Blisters, Becca Schack, Bora Yoon, ErwinMusic, Lukas Ligeti and The Mad Scene. He has also performed numerous VJ sets in a variety of locations in New York City including Sub-Tonic, Galapagos, Stinger, M Shanghai Den and The Lucky Cat. Additionally Ilan is developing his own approach to audio visual performance that tests the boundaries of performing with a laptop in front of an audience, engaging the here and now by interacting with inanimate objects in a live setting as well as mixing and manipulating pre-recorded imagery of these objects. The goal is to experience how these actions interact symbolically with the experience of video projections in the performance environment. The first of these works called 'eggsounds' and has been performed at 'mapping festival' in Geneva Switzerland (2005) and Participant INC Gallery in New York City as part of the Roberta Fleck Memorial Cinema (2005).

Dan Winckler is a performing artist of the visual, networked and improvisational varieties. He uses computers, his body, other people's bodies, toys, live cameras, lights and any junk or crafts lying around to make dynamic, collaborative visual performances in collaboration with the audience and fellow audio artists and visualists. He has performed at SubTonic, { R } A K E, EyeWash, the Tank, ISEA 2006, the INTERNATIONAL CHIPTUNES RESISTANCE, and in the virtual world Second Life. In Fall 2006, he performed video on the Jamarama Live tour, a rock show for kids and families. He is a core member of SHARE (www.share.dj), a non-profit organization that hosts collaborative audio/visual jams in New York and other cities around the world. More information and video can be found at danwinckler.com.