| Bolz'n

03.22 Thursday, 20:00-03:00

Merlin (big hall)
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.

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Bolz'n have been playing against the grain since the summer of 2003. After a variety of experience in other formations, Alexandra (vocals), Basti (bass), Gunnar (guitar), and Peter (drums) join forces to create complex music with a focused sting that delivers a shot to the brain. Gunnar and Basti hail from the then-loudest post-rock band, Parasol, whose extremes already hinted at Bolz'ns current sound. Alexandra previously sang with experimental emo-core band Kimusawea, and Peter was madly drumming audacious fake-jazz as a founding member of Ilse Lau.

In August 2004, the first German concerts and mini-tours start with an airtight set of songs and samples. In September of 2004, BOLZ'N take over production of their sold-out 4-Track 7" single, "S.T." (a limited run of 555 copies on Ulan Bator records). Simultaneously, they plan and organize their first self-financed European tour, which takes the band through Germany, Switzerland and Italy for two weeks in April 2005. In September of 2005, the tracks for the LP "Spalt>Funktion" are recorded. The LP is released at the start of another self-organized and self-financed tour, this one for 3 weeks in March of 2006, through England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. "Spalt>Funktion" was recorded in BOLZ'Ns studio with analog tape decks, a virtually unheard of technique in today's grind/metal scene. The music is impossible to classify. Complex structures are created at brutally high speeds, then fragmented and built anew, while the woman at the mike puts many a male singer's voice to shame. You hear something expected, and yet the form changes and unusual breaks beyond the 4/4 beat keep catching you by surprise. Noise-electronic treatments heard between several of the tracks break up the album in an unorthodox way. Intelligent lyrics in both German and Serbo-Croatian complete the overall picture of an unusually intense alliance.