Banyek (HU)

Modular electronic architect outsider.

Blood Music (UK)

Motorik-tribal noise from Diagonal's Simon Pomery.

The Bug (UK)presents “Sirens”

Kevin Martin plays a symphony for foghorn, bass drone and siren.

Cantenac Dagar (FR)

Banjo-beatbox-tape duo from France.

Caterina Barbieri (IT)

Italian composer and performer of electronic music with a focus on minimalism rooted in meditation on primary waveforms and exploration of the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers.

Céh (HU)

Budapest based noise rock industrial techno duo with members of Új Bála and the Brain Fatigue collective.

Crimson (HU)

Leading dj of Budapest cosmic and leftfield house club life.

Crisis Sound System (HU)

UK rave dj trio with Farbwechsel related members.

Damien Dubrovnik (DK)

Crucial duo of Copenhagen's and Posh Isolation's new wave of industrial noise and power electronics.

Dwarfs Of East Agouza (INT)

Cairo based trio of Sublime Frequencies founder Alan Bishop with Sam Shalabi and Maurice Louca.

Entrópia Architektúra (HU)

Ritualistic industrial metal monoliths from Hungary.

Étienne Jaumet (FR)

Key figure of french cosmic analogue electronics and "krautdisco", half of the Zombie Zombie duo, leading artist of Versatile Records.

Franck Vigroux (FR)

French post-industrial audiovisual artist, composer and performer of noise and electroacustic sounds.

Gábor Lázár (HU)

As a response to the currently available technologies Gábor Lázár's music articulates the extremes of rhythm in a strong relationship with sound synthesis.

Golden Diskó Ship (DE)

Theresa Stroetges is a Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and video artist who performs live as a one-girl orchestra.

Group A (JP)

Japanese avant-garde synth wave duo with rhythmic noise and distorted violin.

Hacked By Imam (HU)

Solo modular cosmic soundscapes and kraut-heartbeats of Farbwechsel co-founder Bálint Zalkai.

Heather Leigh (US)

Heather Leigh tears her ballads in peaces with a lap steel guitar, incredible human voice and noise.

Ignatz (BE)

Stripped down, visceral and darkly emotional singer-songwriter from Belgium.

KAFR (INT)Rabih Beaini & Senyawa

Rabih Beaini presents his new trio project with Indonesian avant-traditional duo Senyawa.

Killing Sound (UK)

The improvisational collective of Vessel, Jabu, El Kid and Chester Giles reduces the dub into total ambience.

Klara Lewis (SWE)

Swedish composer born in 1993, her critically acclaimed debut album of found sounds, field recordings and electronic textures was released by Editions Mego.

Lanuk (HU)

Abstract electronica deconstructivist outsider.

Lotic (US/D)

Incredible anarchist-queer bass music.

Neoandertals (EST)

Brutal death metal girl-boy duo form Estonia.

Norwell (HU)

Balázs Semsei's electronica is rooted in the kosmische tradition, but recently it transformed into tighter and darker electro.

Olimpia Splendid (FIN)

All female noise rock trio from Finland.

Pierre Bastien (FR)presents “Quiet Motors”

Key figure and outsider of French experimental music with a self-built mechanical orchestra – Bastien will present Quiet Motors.

Powell (UK)

London based ebm-nowave-techno outsider, co-founder of Diagonal label.

Prieger & Németh (HU)

Experiemantal dub dj set by Zsolt Prieger and Gergely Németh of Anima Sound System.

Richard Dawson (UK)

Incredible avant-psychedelic folk musician from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sarah Farina (DE)

Bass-heavy footwork and futuristic beats, with fearless forays through R&B and UK Funky.

Sote (IR/SK)with Boris Vitazek

Ata Ebtekar's polirhytmic, microtonal and algorhytmic is accompanied by Boris Vitázek's video art projection.

Stara Rzeka (PL)

Gothic psychedelic folk of Kuba Ziołek from Poland.

Stine Janvin Motland (NO)

Norwegian sound poet and electronic folk musician.

Syracuse (FR)

Cosmic psychedelic proto house disco duo of Isabelle Maitre and Antoine Kogut from Paris.

Unknown Child (HU)

Hipnotic, raw and intimate singer-songwriter mythology of Erika Szurcsik.